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Visualise and mobilise

your data instantly

Get up and running

quickly on your

business continuity plan

Analytics & Visualisation
AVS provides extensive automated solutions to facilitate different
needs and requirements in the area of Assurance Compliance, Risk Management, Internal Control
Management and Business
Continuity Management.
AVS offers a wide range of training
services and professional services.
We deliver a comprehensive list of data analytics courses from basic to advance level as well as specialised
areas on procurement, banking and
fraud prevention, AML compliance
and many more.
We work with our team to determine
exactly what's most important for your organisation and develop a managed automated solutions suite. Our managed services allow your team to promptly deliver analysis and reports on a regular basis.

What Clients Say

"With Open as App, users can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an app without any programming skills. As a result, we are increasingly

using mobile ways of disseminating information. The DIY tool is ‘hands-on digitalisation' for the users."

Michael Schneider,

Head of Advisory & Risk Innovations, Commerzbank AG

"Our main reasons for converting to Arbutus from ACL were the great additional features and stability in key workflows such as extracting data from PDF documents. Without Arbutus, we will not be able to process pdf files which are vital in

assessing taxpayer data. It has more than paid for itself in its usefulness for our organisation."

Joseph Santos

Project Manager for CAATS, Bureau of Internal Revenue

Michael S.,

Senior Director - Business Continuity Services, Healthcare Industry

"Catalyst has enabled my entity to deliver BC & DR across the company easily and effectively.

Well-balanced tool with outstanding internal feedback and usability."

"Our primary reason for converting to Arbutus is cost of ownership. With comparable features and capability, Arbutus gives us more value for our investment. With the new features, we are finding more use cases as well the more we use the product."

Bobbet Castillo,

Head – Information Technology, PETNET Inc.

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