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What We Offer

DMT Smart Suites

AVS provides extensive automated solutions

to facilitate different needs and requirements

in the area of Assurance & Compliance,

Risk Management, Internal Control

Management and Business Continuity Management. DMT Smart Suites are tailored for organisations of all sizes and can be implemented as off-the-shell

standard solutions or custom.

Analytics and

Data Visualisation

Managed Services

We work with your team to determine

exactly what's most important and automate it. With our dedicated ready resources,

our managed services allow your team to promptly deliver analysis and reports on a

regular basis. This includes changes on the

variables or parameters of all your analysis

and reporting needs.

AML Compliance Reporting

BCM Crisis Management


Having a properly-designed health check

initiative ensures the effectiveness of

your current BCM pandemic plan and organisational readiness. Our consultants will work with your team to understand your current state of readiness, highlight gaps or areas

for further improvement, and deliver a BCM programme roadmap. 

BCM Business Resilience

Consulting Services

To ensure a successful implementation of

an effective and sustainable BCM programme,

our consulting services incorporates the use of a proven BCM methodology based on

international standards, the application of

industry specific BCM experience in the use

of the methodology and the development of

in-house BCM skills within the organisation.

BCM Business Resilience

Master Class

Resiliency Risk is a key part of overall risk

management framework in any sector today.

Being a leader in this discipline in the region,

we have worked with multiple industries in

developing their capabilities. Our training programmess are based on BCM standard

and guidelines that are recognised and

accepted internationally: ISO 22301 and

BCM Good Practice Guidelines.

AML Compliance Reporting

BCM Solutions

With Catalyst, a comprehensive and powerful business continuity solution, our clients can

get up and running quickly with a fast

implementation due to user-friendly interface

and intuitive software capabilities. Expertly

mitigate risk and ensure all employees know

what to do before, during and after a disruptive

incident to ensure continual product / service delivery. With our solutions, business continuity planning is simple, scalable and actionable.

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