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On-Demand | Personalised | Engaging

AVS eLearn is a Learning Management System allowing on-demand learning

on Arbutus Analytics and Analytics Applications from anywhere and at any time.


Designed by experienced consultants and certified trainer, the course materials

are specially designed in mini topical series from beginner to advanced level.

This supports faster learning and better knowledge retention. Learners can learn

at their own pace and convenience, access the tests for self-assessments.

Learners can also replay the tutorials and videos to refresh their knowledge.

At the end of each course level, learners are awarded with points, badges and

Certificate of Completion. AVS eLearn is suitable for all levels of users who are

keen to hone their skills in the analytics. 


AVS eLearn for you


  • Course materials – Tutorial Slides, Videos

  • Assessment materials – Tests, Assignments

  • Discussions – By Industry, Area of Interests, Trending Topics

  • Events – Instructor-led sessions on Best Practices, Users Sharing

  • Certificate of completion

  • Progress and achievements report

  • Interaction with instructor

  • Learn while on the go – Assess course materials via mobile

Why Do You Need AVS eLearn


  • Easier to access and monitor – Reporting, certifications, activity logging

  • More effective – Users can learn at their own pace and convenience, repeatedly for knowledge refreshing too

  • Cheaper – No training room, materials and transport associated costs

  • More engaging – Personalised, compatible with microlearning, interactive, boosts morale

  • Less disruptive to business workflows – Learning can take place any time of the day, pause and resume as needed

  • Lifelong learning – Skills gap testing and skills analytics, course suggestions, source catalogue that can cover all topics and have them available at all time 

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Ready to start your

learning journey with

AVS eLearn? 

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