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Popular Analytics Tests

No Two Organisations are Identical.

But the Vast Majority Consider Many of the Same Tests.

Employee Spending

Spending controls aren't always sophisticated enough to prevent unauthorized transactions in a timely manner. Whether it's P-Cards or Travel & Entertainment expenses, the sooner suspicious expenses can be detected, the sooner they can be resolved.

  • PCard Split Purchases

  • Cardholders with Excessive Declined/Disputed Transactions

  • Terminated Employees & Active Cards

  • Multiple Cards per Employee

  • Stale Claims

Vendor Management

Managing vendors now requires a multitude of tests to ensure that the associated risks are kept to a minimum. The proliferation of complex supply chains has made vendor management a high-risk area for many organizations. In addition to duplicate payments, vendor data quality, conflicts of interest, and watch-list comparisons are key areas for testing.

  • Vendor Data Quality

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Watch List Comparisons

  • Inactive Vendors


The phenomenal growth in scope and complexity of IT requires rigorous testing to ensure that your organisation's data and processes are well-protected from the many threats that exist.

  • Identity Management: Terminated Employees

  • SOD

  • Event Log Analysis

  • System-Level Settings

  • Data Integrity

  • Data Migration

  • Data Normalization

GL JE Risk Scoring

Journal entries, particularly manual JEs that are posted close to end-of-period dates, need to be regularly scanned to identify high-risk items. Manual journal entries are high-risk items because they are not part of an automated process. JEs that fall around the end-of-period dates are also of concern.

  • Holidays

  • Weekends

  • Keywords in Description

  • Same Account, Same Amount

  • Seldom Used Accounts

  • Large Credits to Revenue 5 Days Prior to Period-End

  • Large Credits to Income Statement Non-Revenue Accounts

  • Round Amounts

  • Prior-Year Entries Posted 5 Days After Year-End

  • Amounts Just Below Approval Threshold

Duplicate Payments

Duplicate payments can be a significant source of financial leakage. Although some systems possess basic built-in duplicate detection, it's not likely that they will detect near duplicates that can come in different configurations. The enhanced Duplicates command in Analyzer has helped users to identify different kinds of fuzzy duplicates.

  • Same-Same-Same

  • Same-Same-Different

  • Same-Same-Near

  • Same-Same-Similar

  • Suppress Duplicates Parameter

Counterparty Validation

Compliance and continuity both require frequent testing to detect suspect counterparties. The risks of transacting with counterparties on watch lists is high.
The GSA SAM list contains people and organizations that have committed fraud against the federal government. The OFAC list consists of parties that are suspected of or have committed terrorism. And there are many other watchlists worldwide that should be considered.  There are multiple ways in which your counterparties (employees, customers, vendors, and contractors can be compared to such lists.

  • Normalized Names and Addresses

  • Percent of Word Matches


Sophisticated statistical tests can rapidly identify outliers in almost any context. Outliers are transactions where the materiality is well beyond historical expectations. Because of their size, errors in processing them can result in misstatements. A very large outlier can also distort what would be considered "normal" for a population.

  • Population-Level Testing

  • Single-Category-Level Testing

  • Multiple-Category-Level Testing

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