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ARBUTUS 8 Latest Release

Ensure Data Quality. Build Complex Analytics Easily. Visualize Results & Engage Your Team. And even faster.

 Arbutus Version 8 - designed to enlist everyone in the growing analytics movement.

Extended Profile

Explore and Assess Your Data with One Click.
Access up to 60 attributes for each field across 6 categories - Verification, Statistics, Distribution, Date/Time, Outliers and Format.

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Extended Results

Visualize your results quickly and easily.

Access visual and tabular results automatically when running Compare, Classify, Stratify and Aging commands.

New & Improved Pivot Table Design

Drill down on Pivot Table Results

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Improved Analytics Workflow


  • Group your commands into containers to help manage space and performance or to isolate a process

  • Expand or collapse, move within your canvas, or disable to help debug or drive more performance


  • Navigate complex workflows easily by zooming in or out


  • Speed up your work.  Copy or paste one or more commands within your workflow or into a different workflow.

Results Manager

  • Collect more detailed information for Results Manager activities by assigning customized Surveys

  • Analyze your survey data repository to zero in on Root Cause

  • Automate Email Notifications by user profile or activity. Let users know when an activity has been assigned to them - or when tasks are overdue.

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Arbutus 8 - More Features - Functionality You Will Love

Set Timestamp Command

  • Log execution time of every command within your procedures

  • Optimize procedure performance during development

Improved Trigger Access

  • One-click access to all your triggers in View

Auto Removal of Duplicate Fields

  • Avoid field duplication when running Fuzzy Duplicates

Import Table Lists

  • One-click access to all your triggers in View

ConnectPlus API

  • ASCII and Unicode data

  • 32 and 64 bit

Date Field Slicing

  • Analyze dates without computed fields

Enhanced XLSX Import

  • Choose your columns/fields to import

Date Field Slicing

  • Select multiple tables in fewer clicks

Local Compression

  • Speed up performance and save space

Improved HUB Schedule Control Panel

Arbutus gives you analytics solutions that best meet the challenging demands you and your team face. You can become better advisors to the organisation through progressive and complementary analytics that drive assurance in business data, processes and controls.

  • Perform and support deep data analytics more simply

  • Achieve audit mandates with less cost and greater efficiency

  • Collaborate and share better

  • Overcome data issues and reliance on IT

Arbutus Overview

Arbutus is read-only, so the integrity of your data and analysis is assured. And the Command Log documents everything you do.  

  • Over 200 Pre-Built, Audit-Specific Functions and Commands

  • Easily Combine, Harmonize, and Restructure all your Disparate Data

  • No File Size Limit

  • Comprehensive High Performance Analytics for Power Users

  • Intuitive data analysis capabilities for newer or less technical users

Arbutus Analyzer is a powerful data access and analysis solution

that auditors, business analysts, and fraud investigators use to

access and analyse data quickly and simply. Its robust performance

and easy to use features give you the shortest route to answers in

your data. Analyzer is used as part of a desktop-based analytics

approach that gives users of all levels the ability and confidence to

perform difference-making analysis.

Arbutus Hub is the foundational component of the Analytics Enterprise Edition, as well as an optional, but key part for Fraud Detection, Cost Recovery and Data Solutions. The Arbutus Windows Server is used to support a number of important capabilities that benefit from having a centralised platform.


Some of the capabilities that the Windows Server enables include:

  • Setting up and managing scheduled analytics

  • Scheduling off hours access to production data

  • Maintaining all sensitive and important data on secure servers

  • Additional processing performance for big data files

  • Offloading of time-consuming analytics from production or desktop environments

  • Systematically managed your results

  • Share your findings across your organisation within Arbutus 

  • Worldwide access to data, tests and results














Arbutus SmartLink is a powerful add-on component to the Arbutus Enterprise Edition that gives users direct, independent access to SAP® ERP data. It is a flexible, cost-effective way to access and analyse SAP ERP data as part of a centralised analytics solution. As part of the Arbutus Windows Server, SmartLink enables users to have fewer limitations to efficiently deploy their specified reporting and analysis requirements. Specialised analyses can be quickly and easily developed to compare data between SAP systems, or between SAP and non-SAP systems, for enterprise-wide analysis.

  • Simple and efficient interface to construct your queries and analysis

  • Option to launch queries on SAP data from Excel or other desktop applications

  • Integrate data with dashboards and data visualisation tools to provide management and users with timely, custom information

  • Create custom queries to access every potential SAP table

  • Find exceptions in data, whether operational, financial, or IT

  • Create analyses that merge SAP data with flat files, databases, and other legacy data sources

Additional advantages from Smartlink:

  • Scheduled and Real-time Extractions

  • Stage SAP Data

  • Simple yet Sophisticated Table Handling

  • Cost-Effective Access to SAP Data

  • Flexible Data Selection

  • Data is Never Compromised

  • Consultant-free Installation – No SAP side Components to Install

  • A Complementary Technology for Business Warehouses and Complex Reporting Needs

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Why Choose Arbutus Analytics?​

  • In use by over 1000+ organisations worldwide

  • Cost-effective to implement

  • Delivers the fastest implementation on the market

  • Remarkable processing speed

  • Dedicated product development team, focusing on providing cutting-edge analytics and data access solutions

  • Rated 5 Star by real users in Software Advice and Capterra for excellent customer services and support

  • For former ACL users, zero transition concerns and risks

Arbutus Analytics Users

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