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Transform Data into Actionable Insights with our DMT SMART Suites

With an ever-changing economy and an increasing need to achieve compliance with new government regulations, continual auditing and monitoring has become increasingly important for organisations to obtain accurate and timely data for immediate corrective actions.

Data mining of valuable information from large and complex databases is often a long and tedious process that can take up to several weeks and even months by skilled data analysts. Such implementation process is not only costly but also labour intensive. A common concern faced by most companies is the lack of resources and time to conduct auditing and monitoring of internal business controls and processes on a regular basis as well the turnover of staff.


Our DMT SMART Suites fully caters to the needs of finance, risk, audit and compliance professionals who often do not have the time to manually monitor the internal business controls and processes on a regular basis. Built on an open framework, it is not only flexible and scalable but also easy to implement. This allows users to monitor any process, application system, controls and businesses with ease and convenience. Data analysis and generation of reports have never become so quick and easy. 

Whether your business challenges lie in the areas of fraud detection, data quality management, performance management, auditing for controls compliance or within specific regulatory and operating environments, we can incorporate the DMT SMART Suite templates into customised solutions that are uniquely suited to your organisation needs. This not only reduces development time and cost for your organisation, it also assures you access to the "best practice" techniques.


With the automation of sophisticated analytics and embedding "best practices" in organisations' business operations, users receive immediate notification of anomalies and control breaches via email, mitigating risks of ineffective or missing controls within application systems. At the same time, organisations are also able to better utilise their human resources as they will now be able to fully focus on investigating, improving and resolving potential weaknesses in internal controls and core business processes. 

Benefits of DMT SMART Suites:

  • Provide real-time insight into key business metrics with proactive alerts and notifications for business processes that are critical to your business
    – enabling management to make better decisions faster.

  • Access dynamic dashboard via desktop and mobile device

  • Pro-active monitoring with early detection of error events

  • Simplify the transfer of knowledge

  • No training required

  • 100% accuracy in reports

  • Staff are able to focus on their core responsibilities

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