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Many business processes are common to nearly all organisations. They are part of the system that sustains the day-to-day vitality and integrity of businesses, governments, and other concerns. 

Many of these processes are complex, highly automated, and heavily data-reliant. Their built-in controls are often rudimentary so they represent strong candidates for control monitoring with data analytics.

Analytics Application

Purchase Card

Managing PCards and their associated transactions is a field in its own right
Duplicate cards, post-termination purchases, and favored vendors are just some of the tests that should regularly be run on this data.


Analyze and Manage Payroll. 

Employee-vendor matches, variable compensation, phantom employees, and commission validation need to be independently tested


Regulations can change frequently, and a flexible application that enables you to be current can reduce the cost of compliance through the timely detection of potential issues.

General Ledger

Journal entries, particularly manual journal entries, can be a source of significant risk. There are many tests that can quickly identify high-risk JEs and risk-score them.

Travel & Expense Card

Although these expenses may not be financially significant, many organizations continue to analyze them to maintain "tone at the top".

Order to Cash

Order management, credit, fulfillment and invoicing need to be optimised for organisations to realize revenues as efficiently as possible.
Identifying open items and clients with high adjustment rates can be readily detected with an effective data analysis application.

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