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Executives today are more challenged than ever to make quick, well-informed decisions that address increasing business complexity and regulatory requirements. They must closely examine their core business transactions to uncover unforeseen risks, potential control breaches, and opportunities for operational improvements. More powerful and timely business analytics and reporting are needed to produce reliable results and drive confident decision-making.


Today’s economic environment is pressuring organisations to reduce expenses and inefficiencies while improving top-line revenue growth.

Faced with a dynamic regulatory environment, fewer resources, less time, and mounting pressure from stakeholders to mitigate business risk, organisations must formulate strategies to contain costs, prevent fraud, and safeguard corporate assets. 


Our DMT SMART solution suites provide value beyond meeting regulatory compliance requirements by enabling organisations to continuously test the integrity of transactions and rapidly identify and solve problems before they impact bottom-line performance. Below are some proven and tested areas for our clients from various industries and on different business needs.

By Industry

Arbutus delivers the very best in purpose-built audit analytics technology to meet the exacting demands of today’s business environment for all industries

By Business Process

Many business processes are common to nearly all organisations. They are part of the system that sustains the day-to-day vitality and integrity of businesses, governments, and other concerns. 

By Popularity

No Two Organizations are Identical, But the Vast Majority Consider Many of the Same Tests.

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