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BCM Business Resilience

Master Class

It is imperative that organisation develops BCM skills internally to ensure it has the resources and capabilities to maintain the BCM programme on an on-going basis after the consultants have left. Our BCM Business Resilience Master Class series is about hedging the business risk of interruption to operations and protecting the viability of the organisation. Increasingly BCM is viewed as a key component of doing business and institutions globally are mandated to incorporate BCM processes into their risk management framework. 

As our business grows and increases its dependency over technology and building infrastructures as well as competent human resources, the need for Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery function has become more important than ever. Our Resiliency Risk framework combines key elements, critical to support the business survival in an event of a disruption. BCM, Technology Recovery, Crisis Management and Contingency Plans are the interdependent elements of this framework.


Resiliency Risk is a key part of overall risk management framework in any sector today. Being a leader in this discipline in the region, we have worked with multiple sectors in developing their capability. Our training programs are based on BCM standards and guidelines that are recognised and accepted internationally: ISO 22301 and BCI Good Practice Guidelines. 

List of our Master Class series: 

  • Fundamental of BCM; Establishing BCM Programme In Your Organisation

  • Developing and Implementing an Effective BCM Testing Programme

  • BCM Strategies for Banking Operations, HR

  • Facilities Management, Internal Audit and IT Functions

  • Technology Disaster Recovery – Primer in IT Disaster Recovery

  • Developing BCM Strategies for Business Operations, HR, Facilities Management, Internal Audit and Technology functions

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