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BCM Business Resilience

Consulting Services

Successful implementation of an effective and sustainable BCM programme in an organisation requires the use of a proven BCM methodology-based on international standards, the application of industry-specific BCM experience in the use of the methodology and development of in-house BCM skills within the organisation.


Our BCM Business Resilience consulting services use ISO 22301, the international standard that establishes the process, principles and terminology of BCM, and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) ‘Good Practice Guidelines’ to form the cornerstone of the BCM programme. These will not only provide organisation with a proven methodology to develop and implement its BCM programme but also one that is compliant with globally accepted standards and practices.

Stage 1
Gap Analysis
Stage 2
BCM Policy,
Framework and Programme Management
Stage 3A
Business Impact Analysis
Stage 3B
Crisis Management Framework
Stage 4
Determine BCM Strategies
Stage 5
Develop and implement BCM response
Stage 6
Exercising, Maintaining, and Reviewing
Gap Analysis
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Stage 5
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