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Turn all your Business Data into Apps with the automatic WOW factor

With Open as App you will bring mobility to your work with variety of possibilities. You can instantly create lists, calculations, reports for KPIs

or BI dashboards based on Excel, databases or legacy systems. Open as App is a brand-new cloud service for Instant App Creation based on spread sheet formats – without coding or macro writing. Automatically, you can integrate Apps with calculations, dashboards, lists, maps into your company. The benefit is high for all who participate – your business units, your employees and your IT experts. 

Dynamic Dashboard

You can add charts or diagrams to any app. With a list app all you need to do is to activate

it in the right-hand bar menu. Automatically all

repeating values are analysed and visualised with the best chart type. Individual Dashboards

for reports or BI are also possible. 



A complex Excel solution is automatically

turned into a calculation app with full functionality. What is displayed in detail is up to you. This way, one Excel file is the basis of many different apps.


An Excel list is automatically turned into a basic list app with full Open as App functionality. With a few more clicks you can give it the look of a professional business app for your colleagues, clients and

partners while using your company branding. 

OpensApp 3.png

All possibilities you can have with Open as App

An App says more than Excel ever could

For Open as App there are as many app scenarios as there are Excel files in your company. All apps can be created on demand by the business units who know exactly what their teams need. Customers and

co-workers can then access the right information quite simply at all times.

OpensApp 4.png

Automatically create interactive apps – no coding required

Let Excel do the coding for you and forget about programming, HTML or RAD. In a few seconds you can turn calculations, lists and forms into native apps with a wide range of functions. Bases for your apps are Excel files or similar formats. Open as App remains linked to its source file and uses its logic.

OpensApp 5.png

Run your apps – on mobile, on web or as Chatbots

Ever talked to your management dashboard? Or made offers on BOT with Cortana or Slack? Here you go! You can use the same app flexibly. Natively on a smartphone or tablet, on the web as an embedded web app and at the same time as an interactive database for Cortana & Co.

Turn all systems mobile – effortless

Keep using your Excel solutions, your database systems or SharePoint files as usual. Open as App will work as a reliable mobile frontend for your systems. This way, you can bring analysis, reports, master data or calculations in top form on the new devices directly out of your systems.

Creating Mobile Enterprise

Save your IT budget for the few high prestige apps projects you need. With Open as App you can create the masses of professional apps you need in your daily business. This way, you can gain quite some ground on your way to the Mobile Enterprise. Very quickly and at moderate costs. Safeguarding business continuity and minimising operations disruptions.

Why Choose Open as App?​

  • Automatically create interactive apps – no coding required

  • Cost-effective to implement

  • Delivers the fastest implementation on the market

  • Strong encryption and data protection

  • Provides collaboration – share complex data professionally and fully in control

  • Run your apps on all platforms – on mobile, on web or as chatbots

  • BARC Start-up Award 2018 winner

Open As App Users

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