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What is AVS eLearn?

AVS eLearn is a Learning Management System dedicated to everything analytics, audit, compliance and risk management.  Users can access courses anytime and anywhere; and stop at any stage of the course materials.  You can see where you left off previously and continue your learning from there.

Why do you need AVS eLearn?

  • Easier to access and monitor - Reporting, certifications, activity logging

  • More effective - Users can learn at their own pace and convenience, repeatedly for knowledge refreshing too

  • Low fees - No training room, materials and transport associated costs

  • More engaging - Personalised, compatible with microlearning, interactive and boosts morale

  • Less disruptive to business workflows - Learning can take place outside business hours, paused and resumed as needed

  • Lifelong Learning - Skills gap testing and skills analytics, course suggestions, source catalogue that can cover all topics and have them available at all time


What is provided in AVS eLearn?

  • Course Materials – Mini topics tutorial slides and videos

  • Assessment – Tests and Assignments

  • Certification – Awarded upon completion of each course

  • Discussions – By industry, areas of interests and trending topics

  • Events – Instructor-led sessions on best practices and users sharing sessions

  • Progress report – Activities and achievements

  • Mobility – Access course materials on the go from your mobile devices


How are the course materials structured in AVS eLearn?

AVS eLearn course materials are structured into overview, explanation, examples and accompanied with videos. Users are able to see the outline of each course. Each course is grouped by section and the materials are provided in mini topics within each section.  A test is available at the end of each section for self-assessment. The courses are categorised into:

  • QuickLearn – Fundamentals of Arbutus Analytics 

  • QuickApply – Practical Analytics Applications 

  • Webinars – Recorded Presentations 

  • General – Reading Resources 

  • Partners – Courses by subject matter experts / consultants 


How will AVS eLearn benefit me?

  • Save time

  • Maintain consistency in learning

  • Personalised to your pace and needs

  • Faster learning with mini topics

  • Greater knowledge retention


Who should subscribe to AVS eLearn?

AVS eLearn is suitable for all users from beginner to advance level.   The course contents cover both fundamentals and practical applications.


Do I get Certificates for courses completed?

Yes, you will be issued with Certificate of Completion upon completing the course materials and test questions.  You are required to pass the test assigned in the course to be issued the certificate.





How do AVS eLearn subscription work?

AVS eLearn subscription plan limits the system usage based on the total number of paid registered users. You cannot have more users than your paid users account limit.


Can I transfer the registered user account to another new user?

Yes, you can request to deactivate an inactive user to free the access to a new user.


What courses are available to AVS eLearn subscription plan?

Users can access to all course materials listed under QuickLearn, QuickApply, Webinars, General and Partners. However, additional fees may apply to some courses listed under Partners.   

How to start a subscription to AVS eLearn?

To sign up for AVS eLearn subscription, email to for assistance. 

Can I opt for Monthly payment plan?

Currently, only annual payment plan is available.  


Can I sign up for multiple year subscription?

Yes, you can sign up for multiple year subscription. Please email to and indicate the number of years you would like to subscribe.


Do you offer plans with bigger user number?

We offer custom plans tailored to your needs for a large number of users. Contact us for more information on custom plans.


What payment options are available?

You can pay for your AVS eLearn subscription via two (2) easy options:

  • direct debit from PayPal (using your credit card, PayPal account or bank account); or

  • invoice to you or your company for bank transfer (terms of payment is 14 days from date of invoice)


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account anytime. However, there is no refund for cancellation and your access will remain active until the end of your billing period.

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