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Audit Management

Delivering Uniquely Powerful Capabilities To Audit Teams

K10 Vision represents the combination of two decades of development experience in the niche field of Audit Management Software. Functionally rich, very easy to deploy, use and extremely cost effective. K10 Vision has been forged by a team with a genuinely deep understanding of the needs of audit teams both large and small from across the world.

K10 Vision is best-in-class Audit Management Software designed to provide the following core capabilities:

  •  Dashboards

  •  Risk Based Annual Planning

  •  Fully Configurable Audit Files

  •  Audit Working Papers Rich In Methodology Options

  •  Recommendation Tracking For Efficient And Effective Follow-up

  •  Comprehensive and Configurable Reporting

  •  Time and Expense Recording

K10 Vision Audit Dashboard
K10 Vision Personal Dashboard

Dashboards - K10 Vision provides a comprehensive suite of stunning, powerful and unique Dashboards, supplying the user with an immediate, real time, visual display of everything they need to know. The Dashboards align to provide progress checks, decision quality information and Key Performance Indicators for ANY metric the team wants to follow.

In addition to the welcome screen when a user enters K10 Vision, Dashboards also feature within individual modules such as Audit Management, Audit Work and Recommendation Tracking so that the user has immediate visibility of critical information wherever they may be working.

Annual Planning - The Annual Planning module allows an audit team to look into the future and balance audit requirements with available resources. It’s easy to use features allow users to create potential audits and adjust priorities responsively to quickly changing environments.

Any number of annual plans over any time horizon can be created whether this be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. To support the planning process, it also provides the ability to carry out comprehensive risk assessments against entities and potential audits allowing an organisation to identify, assess and prioritise the audits that need to take place. The Risk Assessment methodology used is completely definable by the customer and it has been developed to support ANY risk assessment methodology.

K10 Vision Annual Planning
K10 Vision Global Risk
K10 Vision Audit Management

Audit Management - Audit Management allows any number of planned or unplanned audits to be created. K10 Vision’s flexible nature allows the user full control over the design in relation to the layout and fields that are contained with an audit file.
K10 Vision allows teams to design not only what fields should be included in terms of the data that needs to be captured but also how they appear in the layout in terms of order and tabs. Any number of audit types can be created within K10 Vision and in turn each audit type can have its own customised layout in terms of fields, ordering and stages.

Audit Work - Auditors can carry out their fieldwork and testing online with off-line capability available automatically if the connection is lost. By using a preprepared work programme or by building their content such as Risks, Controls and Tests during the audit, users can document and capture the work they have performed, attach evidence, hyperlink to other areas and raise any Recommendations that may be required.

K10 Vision’s flexibility also allows teams to choose whether they implement a scoring methodology alongside their traditional testing so that each test has a numeric score. This facilitates a myriad of options for scoring Risks, Controls and Tests which results in many benefits such as trend analysis over time.
Configurable review options support the team’s workflow including the ability for items to be reviewed real time whilst the auditor continues with their work.

K10 Vision Audit Work
K10 Vision Reference Library


Reference Libraries - K10 Vision allows users to create central libraries of easily accessible documentation which may assist and support a team’s audit activities. Teams can easily create and manage audit documents within the Reference Library section keeping them in relevant folder structures. Teams can govern detailed permissions in relation to who can access, create and manage content within the section.

Permanent Files - The Libraries module also provides audit teams with the ability to view and manage each entity’s Permanent File. Any documents that serve as an ongoing reference or that need to be accessed repeatedly in successive audits can be marked as “Permanent” when attached and then viewed easily and efficiently within this section.

Recommendation Tracking - K10 Vision offers a wealth of functionality allowing users to record, manage and track Recommendations from identification to closure. The extremely versatile nature allows an audit team to define different types of Recommendations, each with unique associated fields and access permissions. The customer’s ability to define and control what is recorded from

Recommendaion Tracking

responsible owners to management responses provides the team with the opportunity to align the system with their own methodology, supporting and strengthening their approach in relation to providing assurance and mitigating any exceptions. This module is underpinned by comprehensive reporting capabilities, including dashboards, providing real time transparency in relation to progress on remediating activities.

K10 Vision Time Recording

Time Recording - The Time Recording module provides users with the mechanism to accurately record both audit and non-audit time on a day-to-day basis. K10 Vision provides users with the ability to capture both time and expense data which, in turn, provides comprehensive management information on productivity and chargeability (if applicable).

Template Designer for Audit Work Templates - K10 Vision provides an audit team with the ability to create a library of templates that may be used on different audits over time. These include typical items such as Work Programmes and Checklists. Creating a template means that that item can be used across audits as and when needed without having to be recreated each time.

Audit Work Paper Template Designer
Dashboard Designer
Report Tempate Designer

Template Designer for Dashboard and Report Templates - Any number of report templates can be created within K10 Vision either in a traditional Audit Report format or a Dashboard format. K10 Vision provides users with full access to the design modules should they wish to create their own templates, such as traditional audit reports, or dashboards of any type.

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